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Thursday, 26 August 2010 15:37

My job my ego. Featured

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I am that guy people run to when the internet is not working, or they cant find a network printer because a graphical environment operating system is too complicated. The guy you want to have around when your porn habit has caught up to you and your computer is no longer responding. I am exactly that over caffeinated, fast talking, wont listen to you talk cause I know what your going to say before you finish speaking guy, that you go home and tell you're unsatisfied wife about. I am hated because I don't have the time or the attention span to discuss the undemanding details of your life with. I am loved because I retain no fear in the arena of technology. I seek and solve problems at an alarming rate. Bottom line, I make my company dead hard cash and a lot of it, so I must be tolerated.


I do have a challenge at my job because computer repairs and networking issues are boring to me. I design PCB's (printed circuit boards), write programs, and engineer electronics circuits all while trying to keep my ego from getting out of line. Some things I have deigned are being used by many prominent places. NASA has one of my instruments, as well as MIT and other institutions that have an audience of exceptionally smart people. This makes my already inflated ego especially exaggerated for some reason. I reflect now and again and find that my job is parallel to the super bowl. I am in the technology super bowl and I am leading by a large margin. Problem is - they are all German soccer fans (inside joke for the staff here at suck-o). I love my work but I cant tell anyone about it. Its not that its top-secret stuff, its the undemanding actuality that no one I know has a clue of what I am talking about. When I say "hey I used a cunningly simple concept today. I employed a rectifier IC as a EMF suppressor saving the design cost of $1.50 per board." People just shake there heads and walk by. Its depressing for me, the over caffeinated, egotistical, bi-polar, that I cant find someone to correlate these clever solutions with. At the same time its exhilarating because I am winning the super bowl.

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floodhound - raised by hippies in the green fields of Missouri. Bemused in electronics and machine tinkering.

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