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Tuesday, 07 June 2011 04:38

inoculate it with code Featured

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 inocluate code

Performing some crude test tonight. Pan, tilt, Battery, and power management were completed.
The pan and tilt was a essential test to extract the “range of mobility”. The sensor deck needs to read analogous data, if that is that the correct word to use in this setting. And in doing so it must track without hitting the deck lid. I will attempt to move the base of the robot as the sensor deck approaches these outer limits.
Battery and power management works flawlessly, nothing went boom! That said and without out getting excessively technical (the ambient is working its subtle yet effective magic) I am pleased with the results so far.
Design update: engineering a circuit to monitor battery levels. Not critical for the robot but may become valuable when I inoculate it with code, bringing it to life…
Ah almost forgot, check out my youtube page "Sick Labs "and see for yourself.

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floodhound - raised by hippies in the green fields of Missouri. Bemused in electronics and machine tinkering.

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