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Thursday, 03 May 2012 02:42

Just another day in Bali?

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Well its 8:50am and i have just woke up, went to bed at 1am and this is the longest I have slept since i got here.Did a 3 hour class yesterday with 12 children and having lots of fun while teaching is very satisfying in deed. Class starts at 2pm today again and really looking forward to it. 

After school I was invited to a babys 3 month ceremony, these people are Hindu and it is their equivalent to our christening / baptism but here the ceremony lasts 4 days, 3 days for the preparation then the last day is the main event, that is today and il be joining them again after class has finished. Its a honor to be invited to these events it really is.

After this i was invited to where one of the local bands were playing and invited to sit and chat with them when finished. They were all asking me plenty of questions and asking why i come to teach children for free when it costs me to do these lessons daily. I explain to them that my gratification comes from making these children happy and knowing that I am giving something back to these communities which is only going to make them stronger. I told them that if i was offered a million for doing a job that it would never give me as much satisfaction as what i am doing now for free.

The guys then asked me what i would like to gain for myself while being in Bali.... the only thing i would like for myself is to maybe learn to meditate properly and maybe learn Yoga. They told me that i was already doing a form of the highest yoga you could do, giving love to these children, I listened intently and explained what i thought yoga was, they told me i may have a lot to learn about myself but i definitely am practicing one of the highest forms possible.

Both these guys are a little younger than myself and what i saw next was amazing if not unbelievable unless you saw this with your own eyes. They asked me what i knew about energy etc and we had a little discussion and they both told me about their own energy which although similar was not the same.

One of them asked for a coin, not one they had but one that they had not touched. The coin was metal and i checked the coin and this was definitely not a trick of the mind. He proceeded to meditate with the coin in his hand and seemed to transfer his energy to the coin before placing it on the table in front of me, They then told me to pick up the coin, the coin was HOT. On the table was little bits of ash from the coin, this was explainable.

The other person then took hold of my wrist and showed me how he can transfer energy and told me trust him. He took a lit cigarette and held it above his own arm while holding my wrist. Within a few seconds I had to withdraw my hand fast as the heat was so unbearable that i had to take some water and pour it over my wrist. I had 3 marks on my wrist from the burn which he said do not worry they will be gone soon, no doubt i have woken this morning with not a sign of anything at all. 

These people have offered me free lessons in meditation and to teach me properly and to teach me for free in exchange for what i am trying to do here. To say i am gobsmacked is an understatement. 

When i got back to my place of residence i was talking to the locals about the nights events when i learned that they had once visited a good man who was bed ridden and maybe had a day to live, these people sat with this man for over 24 hours in complete silence, although no one knows exactly what happened that night this man still lives 2 years later. 

The locals call these people Holy men, they are probably 2 of the most sincere and humble people i have ever met in my life. 

My life is changing daily and so much for the better, words cannot explain what is happening to me right now but emotional is definitely one of them.

Thank you world for sending these gifts of life to guide me through the light.

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