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Friday, 04 May 2012 13:29

Free schools captures the local people's attention.

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Children dont half wear you out, wish Saturday was a day off for tomorrow but here school is every day....except for Monday lol, well its no good trying to teach english for one day a week.

The community is hearing lots about what we are doing here and many people are coming just to look and then the word is spreading quicker and quicker. The more that people hear we are doing this for free the more children are turning up. We started with 12 children 3 days ago and tomorrow we are now looking at around 40 that will be coming tomorrow and Sunday.

With help and support i will be continuing this for one year then il be looking at coming to England for a holiday...... sounds crazy lol.

These children are making so much progress so fast it goes to show, all they needed was a chance. I am thankful that i got chances in my life which i took, now its good to repay the favor and give them to chances to those who otherwise would never be given it, a chance to LIVE!!!

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