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Thursday, 17 May 2012 15:34

When Karma pays

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Had the first of the computer lessons now for the older children up to 19 years old and have a perfect class of 12. The arena we have been using we got 30 of the children and payed them all to help clean it all up, We mopped it all and swept it all and taught the children about recycling.

When ya do good things karma does shine down on ya, but it has been one hard month. Opened a bank account for the funding which i will have the details for tomorrow and got our first donation off a French bloke who really liked what we are doing and couldnt believe it when he asked who was funding it and we told him no one, he gave us $20 which gave us a lift.

We have now got a small house rent free which was the biggest of our expenditures and all we have to pay towards is the electric water and internet. The bed cost me a months rent but now we have everything and this i can stay in anytime i am here, home sweet home.

The children are lovely and the locals treat me like im one of them, no more tourist prices now, its local prices for us and this just makes me want to stay longer and longer.

Extended my visa now for the second month so i can do this once more, need to keep going and hopefully get that 6 month visa stamped if we can find a sponsor. Crowd funding will be launched soon, it will cost £26,000 to build a school on the and we have and it ill have 3 floors, a farm, a sports area, a natural compost toilet and free electricity.

If someone asked me whats my dream, all i can say is im living it :)

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