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Sunday, 29 December 2013 20:31

2014 DNR Featured

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DNR 2014


Well I have been watching you while I was away. Work related, personal time and studies kept me away for almost 2 years. For all of my friends that were here, thanks for waiting, for all my new followers from the past 2 years - welcome to my home.

People reacted to the snowden news about PRISM like USA was some kind of demon spying on every person in the whole world as they go about their no-nothing lives. NSA gives two shits about how drunk you got last night, or who's sister you are fucking. Get over it. You are just a number, not history.

It was a loud reminder to those of us here, reading this - that not all hacker's dens are created equal. A social forum on facebook is not as nearly a good place to learn and meet 'real people'. Its a social network, at best you will meet people who hack social networks. They are good at googling for tools to DDoS or SQL dump, they think that being an activist using hacking tools makes them a hacker. I disagree.

New generation of neophytes, damn I am sad. You may never get a chance to build your own box, you'll never figure out how a memory card pops in, or what a PCI/AGP port is. Tablets, shit you type with your thumbs. If you want to learn hacking, learn where it began, and follow hands-on with the studies your fore-founders did. Google, cut and paste is not going to give you wisdom. Here at suck-o, you got enough old schoolers that will help you stay real to your roots.

OSint - the news has gotten so sensational, repackaged, and opinion seems to serve as knowledge - the news is really a social engineering tool. I plan to provide members here with real news and skills to collect their own real news.

DNR's Suggested Readings - in the Hacking/Wardriving forum will be continued - I have collected many hard to find, some now redacted, documents on tactics, tools, and real research on OSint/Gint, pen testing, hacking crimes and tactics. This is the only high level research library I have seen on the net - most get brought out by other security companies, some close and move on - so I hope you only find the docs here ; )

2014 - The year that will define who you are - prey or predator..





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