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Monday, 08 June 2015 19:27

[Review] Mad Max - Fury Road Featured

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sooo....I've seen "Mad Max: Fury Road" last night. I expected nothing good, because already "Thunderdome" was horrible, and Mad Max without Mel Gibson? smelled a lot like "let's grab some big bucks by abusing the fame of the first 2 movies".

and I was totally right: "Fury road" IS absolute garbage. don't get me wrong, as standalone movie it wouldn't be THAT horrible (maybe 4/10 in my book), but advertising it as a Mad Max movie...what a joke.

I had a huge "um, what?" moment already after the silly pseudo-"Road Warrior" prelude, when Max stands besides his car. sooo....he went to one of the numerous "Mad Max car kit" shops which obviously exist in George "Greedy" Miller's dystopia and bought a new one? I mean, he must, because the car was blown into pieces in "Road Warrior".

but ok, logic doesn't mean much when all you are out for is the cash I guess.

the "new Max", after long years in the outback, also seems to suffer from severe psychological problems now, because his personality totally changed. in the prelude it is said that it's about "survival", but no, Max was never about that, he always was just running away from his demons of the past, and he also was not able to build relationships with other people anymore leave alone falling in love again after what happened in the first movie (remember how he didn't care about that blonde amazon hottie in "Road Warrior?).

but what happens? he falls in love, protects damsels in distress for no personal gain, fires out silly punchlines like a 80's action movie hero and he also fights like one now. of course his knee, which was blown with a shotgun by Bubba Zanetti in the first movie, and which was still the same years later in "Road Warrior" healed because of the healthy outback air in the meantime...I guess. and because of a lizard diet he also looks pretty chunky now, after all post-nuclear apokalypse days in the hot desert seem to be not bad for your health at all...good to know.


so yeah, as I said at the start, for a standalone movie I would give it a 4(maybe 5) out of 10, but for a "Mad Max" movie it is a total 0. George Miller should have called Kevin Costner instead and asked how much it is to call a movie "Reverse Waterworld", because that title would have fit SO much better.

and if Miller makes his threats true and REALLY comes out with 2 more movies (big glass of Star Wars anyone?) I will not bother anymore watching one of them. fuck you George Miller, go back to making kid's movies again.

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  • Comment Link luggyx Saturday, 05 September 2015 22:17 posted by luggyx

    Thanks for saving my time I was about to buy tickets....

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