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Thursday, 08 July 2010 11:36

DNR's Journey Featured

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Well, Suck-o V2 is now here - its another mile stone for me and others.

You might have noticed that the forum has a lot of my posts, from months ago. I was once prolific on the site and now it seems I have left. That is far from the truth. I never left, its not easy to stop hacking. I shifted to the VIP section and the Admin's Lounge, I have just been so busy that I could only check in with those in that section. They knew me well and understood I just didn't have as much time as I did before. I still look out for worthy neophytes, but I leave the teaching to the new leaders of suck-o.

Suck-o is growing and changing, but hacking is still the same as it was. Computers might have evolved since 1987, but the mindset of breaking it has always been there. You'll see new leaders in the forum, and of course, new neos. Don't be afraid of change, but understand that knowledge is passed on, with honor and respect. The same as it always has been.

Those That Know, Are Responsible For Teaching Those That Seek Knowledge.

Welcome to Suck-o, welcome to the ancient arts of hacking..





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