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Monday, 27 June 2011 02:02

Bark or growl dam it!

Written by

June 25th 2011

Today I did some rudimentary programming and circuit testing for the security mode of my rover. In the video you can see the various frequencies that the alarm will modulate within. It’s running with 5volts to keep the decibels down. The final version will be much louder in fact ear piercing I am sure. Circuit board is still being delayed because I can’t make up my mind on various details. A peek at the schematic you say…



here is my youtube link over at sicklabs



Tuesday, 07 June 2011 04:38

inoculate it with code

Written by

 inocluate code

Performing some crude test tonight. Pan, tilt, Battery, and power management were completed.
The pan and tilt was a essential test to extract the “range of mobility”. The sensor deck needs to read analogous data, if that is that the correct word to use in this setting. And in doing so it must track without hitting the deck lid. I will attempt to move the base of the robot as the sensor deck approaches these outer limits.
Battery and power management works flawlessly, nothing went boom! That said and without out getting excessively technical (the ambient is working its subtle yet effective magic) I am pleased with the results so far.
Design update: engineering a circuit to monitor battery levels. Not critical for the robot but may become valuable when I inoculate it with code, bringing it to life…
Ah almost forgot, check out my youtube page "Sick Labs "and see for yourself.

Friday, 03 June 2011 05:30

Engineering a robot while on ambien.

Written by


Engineering a robot while on ambien.

This design, this curse, is finally starting to gain momentum. I am sourcing parts for my robot and given I know what features I want to implement, part sourcing is still tough. I am loosing my mind trying to stay awake and thumb through data sheets as fast as possible. All while it makes since, while the mind is fresh. You could spend a lot of cash on a particular part, or change design and it may end up costing less. But never over look the old “caught up in this chess match of, well this part is cheaper, but this part is better.” Often I find myself designing a circuit using cheap parts only to find out that the cheap parts need supporting parts that cost too much. This is daunting and could be a career all in it self.
Nevertheless I press on. I found a perfect IC to backbone my H-Bridge. The A4904 automotive full h bridge MOSFET driver turns out be be a complete unit for driving N-chan Mosfets and particularly N-chan Power Mosfet. I get all this for $4.27 in a 24 TSSOP package. I think I will ask for 8 samples from Allegro. So this may end up free of charge.
pointer for the nerds. On datasheets the words “automotive” typically means that the device runs on ~ 12 volts. This is valuable to know as it makes searching for mosfets and other IC so much easier.
Starting to doze out I want to mention some last details that are my notes:
Circuits that are complete or partial complete
Bat-led-cell 12V 2000ah
Switching power supply 3.3v core I
Switching power supply 5v core II
5v precession reference core III
2. H bridges
Wireless Bluetooth
4 GPS 128 satellite tracking
4 Servos
4 DC motors
1 chassis
1 pan & tilt
I/R sensor array
Sound detection
Gas sensor, monoxide, co2 etc.
Time clock calendar
Television ir transceiver






Monday, 04 April 2011 17:23

Just some personal notes on SEO

Written by

Change the content to use keywords.


  • Make the Title of the Web Site use keywords no more than 70 characters. Keyword > Category > Title

  • Meta Description no more than 150 characters

  • Meta Keywords should be individually categorized to the pages content

  • No more than 100 Unique links per page

  • Page should not exceed 150 kbs

  • Use <h1> Tags referencing keywords in Meta (only one per page)

  • Use <h2> Tags referencing in a sentence using keywords in Meta

  • Use <h3>

  • Use Bold letters for Keywords

  • Use alt tags on Images (including keywords > category > title)

  • Use title tags on links (including keywords > category > title)

  • Use words as keyword links directing to relevant content with in your own web site.

  • URL Slug Formatting is essential an oversimplified example: about-rustytub-it-solutions instead of about.php

  • Understanding how to use MicroData in your site and verifying your MicroData and HTML structure using Google is essential.

  • Use well structured/formed HTML (

  • Design your site to be mobile friendly!

  • Localization in Content/URLs/Title/Meta Tags can provide helpful results as well. A localization example would be: (not a real link)

  • Using the date in your URL/Post can help provide relative content for the information people are searching for (for example with a news web site).

  • Remember who your target audience is when developing SEO. Not all traffic is good traffic.


Implement SEO Foundation

  • Generate relevant keywords using Google Adsense Keyword tool

  • Provide relevant content (using keywords) (Why should I visit your web site?)

  • Manually submit site to Google/Yahoo/Bing

  • Add Google/Bing Web Master Tools

  • Create a site map and submit to Google/Bing web master tools

  • Add manual back links from web sites that relate to your content

  • Submit site to DMOZ

  • Submit Site to Google/Bing/Yahoo Places


Implement Continuous SEO


  • Create a blog where you post articles pertaining to the business.

  • Use Social networks to promote your web site and blog articles

  • Submit Articles to Blog Sites and News Sites


SEO Blog Guidelines


  • Let crawlers post links and comments but don't publish them

  • Allow trackbacks.

  • Only allow comments to be posted on posts not pages.

  • Only approve relevant comments

Social Media SEO Guideline

  • Same rules apply – Write relevant content including links to your website with that relevant content




Saturday, 19 March 2011 05:32

Robot 1 me 1

Written by



This circuit board design is more difficult that I imagined. I find it very difficult to engineer something for myself than for others. I just want it to be perfect and I am slipping.


- 12Volt 7,0Ah Nonspillable SLA battery from TYSONIC
- Lynxmotion A4WD1 v2 base kit.
- 2 Servos Htec HS-465MB (don’t habe my glasses so that M counld be an N)
- Custom sensor housing (Aluminum sheet metal with 2, twenty fice degree bends)
- 12V mini automotive alarm a.k.a. siren. Great for watch dog mode.

Problems so far with inventory:
- Battery is a tad bit too large;. Ill need to modify the chassis by cutting some aluminum sheet metal then bending.

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