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Bad_Brain - Suck-o Owner ://ver::::::Forever::::::::: Germany

bad_brain started back in 2005 on 256 MB webspace and by using a 56k connection, not knowing the suck-o network will span over multiple servers one day, and also not knowing suck-o will become a home for many people with the same mindset (but totally different backgrounds) from all over the globe.

when he is not fiddling around with Debian or taking care of his international operating IT company he spends his time on his beloved self-built fully custom Salsa bike. bad_brain is also an aficionado of strange music, horror movies, and a supporter of child protection groups like hackers vs. pedos (HvsP).



Interests and Abilities

- network management (LAN/WAN/WLAN/Internet)
- server administration (*nix)
- general troubleshooting
- Bash
- Java
- Perl
- security concepts (from single user computers to complete networks (any network architecture))
- support in german/english language


Works and Contributions

Tutorials - XML (German), JAVA(German) and Package Management with APT (english), "The Red Book of Linux" (english)

Securing and permanent administration of a approx. 300 websites on 7 servers

Development of approx. 100 hi-profile customer websites, first human that made web2py work next to i-mscp for shared hosting



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Maboroshi - Suck-o Admin/Resident Programmer

Maboroshi is a self-taught programmer, preferably in Python. Hailing from Canada, the 27 year old has been studying programming and networking for 13 years. He operates his own Web-design business, has a passion for building tools that utilize Networks and is a connoisseur of Asian tea's.

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cats Suck-o Admin ://ver 1.11.0 Beta :::: Sweden

Interests and Abilities

- Computers overall
- HTML/CSS/JavaScript/C++/C/Java/PHP
- Linux/Windows (Desktop/Server)
- 2 Years of Network Engineering
- support in Swedish/English language

Works and Contributions

- Tutorials – Several tutorials and guides
- Websites – Several sites, like and
- Development – I work on a lot of private projects, but I do some freelancing work as well to get some money ( for example) and a lot of energy is placed at the university where I spend a lot of my time.

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DNR - Suck-o Admin/Writer / Detroit USA Mod ://Ver 19.67

CIS/IT schooled in a basement and college certified. A true digital nomad, as I am not employed as a CIS/IT worker. My Intellectual study and experience in Human Psychology, Criminalistics, Security Administration of physcial property and organizations, and even human Medical care. I am a strong believer of the "Hacker Personality", that the hacker is identifiable by specific personality traits, rather than actual level of computer or coding skills. I have been described as someone with strong white hat ethics, a mentor, and as someone that does not play well with others.


Interests and Abilities

- Novell 4/5 network certifications
- AS400/RPG experience
- building rackmounts and desktop servers and clients
- Wifi technologies, Wardriving
- People skills, public speaking


- mtn biking (1994 specialized Stumpjumper FSR, with Judy XC, 24 speed)
- firearm and weapons training
- Japanese Martial Arts, rituals
- writing blogs and technical papers

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Your friendly neighborhood ph0.

I am a former student of Informatics and now a student of life. Joined this community more than four years ago and it feels like it was last week - time flies when you're having fun. I am an expert procrastinator and I'm all about anti-procrastination (don't ask), a self-destructive perfectionist, an introvert, always the optimist (the glass is always full), a humanist and a strong believer in humanity, the goodness in people and a brighter future. A strong propagator of science and reason, and a big-time skeptic.
You can always bug me with any questions or concerns you might have, whether it be related to IT or life in general, even though I'm fairly young ('90) I do feel that I have a firm grasp on all things related to life - born and raised in a warzone, brought up in the lower end of the middle class and currently living in a morally and politically dysfunctional environment and still managed to keep mental sanity. Been in love with computers and general problem solving since I was able to walk and the love only grows stronger.


- (complex) problem solving
- organization
- programming
- web and graphics design
- education
- psychology of all sorts, mostly behavioral
- books
- science
- stars and the Universe
- contemplating about God and the meaning of life
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Joined the suck-o community in 2005. Having joined the community at a young age, much of his knowledge and experience was gained through his involvement with the members here. Primarily focused on website development at first, he eventually moved onto other aspects of programming. Later on, he began to take interest in reverse code engineering and windows operating system internals. He currently works as the senior IT specialist for a small business.



Interests & Abilities







Android & iPhone development

Windows system administration

Network security & administration

General troubleshooting

Reverse code engineering


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Big-E was born a jock, and later evolved into a nerd.
Avid sports fan, and former party animal. A University drop out, later turned entrepreneur. He currently lives his life trying to achieve his life goals. Jumped on the computer the later part of his life, and has not looked back. Spends most of his time at work, and when he is not at work, he is at home working. Loves open source, a good beer and a pretty lady (with preference to enjoy the two former items listed with, even better if she played Rugby).
At age 21, his life is ahead of him.

Interests and Abilities

- Rugby, Hockey and Baseball
- Server Administration
- Networking and Security
- Beer
- Java

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Floodhound - Suck-o Hardware and Electronics Moderator/Resident Engineer

Floodhound is an Electronics and computer engineer that graduated number 2 in his class. Currently this 34 year old works for an American company that engineer’s prototype computer and electronic devices mostly for laser spectroscopy and photo acoustic analysis. Found suck-o in early 2006 and has been helping, arguing, and learning since.




Interests and Abilities

- Electronic circuit prototypes [ analog and digital ]
- Electronic board development to production
- Circuit analysis and repair
- Computer custom circuits for scientific devices designed from the circuit to the code running on the PC.
- C
- Basic
- P-Basic
- Visual Basic
- Other languages that run on browsers and servers
- Hacking things to improve his knowledge on hacked topic
- Acoustic Guitar
- Helping kids learn mathematics
- Mountain biking
- Photography of wildlife and odd people
- Learning new technology

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Pseudo_Opcode - Suck-o Staff

At the age of 20 Pseudo_Opcode has nearly 4 years of experience in the hacking and underground scene, with a rep sheet to prove it. The tech saavy Psuedo focus's mainly on server security and web development, with a nack for CMS building. With a love for gadgets, playstation, hot cars and a cell phone running linux, Psuedo has a work hard, party harder attitude. *edit:and is currently single and ready to mingle.



Interests and Abilities

- Coding applications with C++ (with inline assembly)
- Coding exploits, in php, C and also pure assembly
- Linux scripting and development of custom programs
- Networking concepts and network programs
- Security auditing and vulnerability assessment
- PHP(including OOP and extensions)
- JAVA (intermediate level)
- Bash

Works and Contributions

Several exploits and network programs
Produced menace games and hosts one of wargame server
Papers on web defacing, ip spoofing, assembly, network programming and a lot more.(available on request)
PHP based custom content management systems.

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computathug Suck-o Admin

Computathug is a self taught computer technician and has also spent a couple of years at college studying business information technology before dropping out. This 35 year old has been using computers since the age of 11 and his major interests are in web development, networking and security.

Thugz is also qualified in business management and marketing. Other qualifications also include being a grade A master butcher and CITB qualifications and licences to drive specialised heavy plant machines.

This entrepreneur from the UK turns his hand to anything he can and has never been a quitter. Ex thug turned geek, hence the name! Liked to live by the motto, 'live hard, party fast and die young'..... time, thoughts and circumstances change!!!

Hobbies and specialties not in any particular order

- Football
- Computers
- Boxing
- Snooker/Pool
- Horticulture
- Reading
- Traveling
- Writing
- Beer
- Women

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