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Monday, 16 April 2012 10:44

Helping mentor-cate the children of the world

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Ok so i havent been as active with my blog as i would have liked to have been so now is the time to change all that. Here is a little bit about me and what has changed over the last 12 months and will now also keep this blog up to date with what i am doing and the progress that we make along the way.... hope you all will follow and hopefully everyone will do something someday that may make a difference to others.

Peace out all.

For those who are wondering what the hell i am doing at the moment i will explain.


12 months ago i decided i had enough of people and the system and no longer wanted to be a part of it, i changed the way i wanted to live and decided i was no longer going to work for money but for donations of food and shelter etc. I have lived and worked like this now for 12 months and i am loving how things are going, its not always easy but like anything you take the rough with the smooth.


One of the things i started doing a while ago was trying to help set up community projects with people from my home town this gave me the foundations of what i wanted to do in life. I decided that i wanted to help children as this has always been one of my desires.


We have pulled together with a few of us that have been working on a few different projects on sustainable living and education. We have an accelerated learning program where we take children that speak no english to learning english it 2 days and will be qualified in 5 days..... hard to believe? well we are already doing it.


We will not only use the technique for english but for all other subjects too.


I am now with 5 friends and others are joining us in Bali, Indonesia where we can now get this implemented.


So how did i get here if i work for no money? Well i have been working for a doctor for a while with a cancer help centre for free and he agreed to fund the flight. He gave me enough money to last a week which is what i asked for, this is nearly run out and was just enough for food, i sleep where i can and have no problem living with nothing as long as we get to implement the system. The only funding we are looking for is for pens, books, and everything else that we need to get this moving at a fast pace.


With our man Floody involved we may just be looking at one computer per child in all of these schools too.

Here they have to pay for education and pens etc are expensive, we have had football strips donated and there are plenty more from the same place to be sent over so the help we are getting is unbelievable.


We have invites to Nepal, Africa and other countries to implement this too, will have some more info and websites running next couple of days for them who want to follow our progress.


To add to all of this we have also just been asked to do a TED Talk too, life is crazy, life is good.


Thanks everyone :)


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