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Sunday, 29 April 2012 03:00

When a man/womans work is never done

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So its 16.10 here now and its tea time so having 2 hrs rest now. Its been 100 mile an hour since i landed in Lovina, got some video footage today at the rice fields while the crop was being harvested. I go back later to help again as we now plough the fields and sow the seeds all in the same day, not what your thinking though, no tractors here, we plough the fields with pieces of wood with nails in, the spades are pieces of wood that we will be using to make the drainage system and the seeding is all done by hand too.If thats not hard enough its 42 degrees and its scorching. 

Once i have finished there i will be working on the website forPassing Clouds II who kindly asked me to do the work as im relying on bits of work coming in to help support me while i am here. 

Already had a meeting with the local bank manager who helps the community in as many ways as he can already and will be back again on Tuesday to open an account for peoples donations which will help provide pens, pencils etc for the children. As well as already helping set up 2 schools which we start here on wednesday they have a mainstream school which runs in the morning provided by the government but still this is only very basic, and have been invited there to discuss our program and see if we can start implementing it there too as well as the places where there are no schools. 

Its just so amazing the help we can provide but this is no walk in the park by all means, me an Miles Hingston are slogging our guts out here with very little sleep, we knew we could get this to work, we had faith and we ourselves. 

Soon the people of Bali will be empowered enough themselves with a good education plan and people to go with it to make Bali Balinese again, Western influence only comes to rape what these people have and its making a mockery of mankind. 

Thanks everyone for making me write about this, Although doing it makes me part of what is happening, the writing about it really drills it home what these people deal with on a daily basis :) 

Peace all

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