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Monday, 30 April 2012 12:53

Simplified Trustee Document

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Simplified Trustee Document


Each Layer of Trustee’s will be set into a group of 12


Meetings between each group of 12 will be held every month to discuss any problems or successes and allocation of funding.


Settlers (executors) must not be related in any way or form.


If any 3 consecutive meetings are missed or any single meeting without notification then a new trustee will be put in place.


For each group of 12 trustees they will be  allocated two executives (settlers).


Each village will have its own bank account once trust is set up and working.


If funding is required money will be distributed from the main bank (Allet’s) to the local bank


All funding distributed must be for only what is needed and all receipts must be presented back to the main bank for transparency


Any receipts not shown and the trustee will be replaced by a new trustee


Each trustee will be responsible for allocating the 2 (settlers) from the next layer of trustees.


All trustees will be accountable and to be checked up on at any time by the 2 (settlers) at any given time for spot checks.


Document must be signed and witnessed with both PRINTED name and SIGNATURE and DATE





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