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Friday, 20 August 2010 17:58

Former NATO commander General Wesley Clark has confirmed a "growing number" of severe cyber attacks against US government and commercial installations.
According to Clark, the US currently possesses both the technology and "means" to stop the unrelenting cyber offensive.
General says cyber attacks must be stopped"The job now is to deploy these assets as soon as possible," Clark told an audience of security specialists at the National Press Club.

He noted that thousands of cyber attacks that already have been launched against such key government agencies as the Departments of Defense, State, Treasury & Commerce. ??
Coordinated strikes have also targeted various electric grids and other critical infrastructure across the continental United States.

"[Clearly], the nation's security and economy are at risk of being 'closed down' or seriously compromised at any moment.

"This would be a major disaster for the United States and our allies throughout the world. We have no time to waste. The time for action is now."

Clark - who chairs the advisory board of InZero Systems - urged the rapid adoption of the company's heavily armored hardware platform, which has reportedly rebuffed "millions" of sophisticated cyber attacks.
"Nothing gets through...In test after test, it has proven to be totally unhackable," claimed Clark.
"We know this technology works and is relatively economical...But equally important, it is readily available. We should be installing it as widely as possible before that disaster strikes."

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