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Written by bad_brain   
Wednesday, 31 July 2013 20:52

Nope, this time good ol' bad_brain (yes, I am speaking of myself in the 3rd person already like every good megalomaniac) will not come up with one of his politically correct and extremely friendly rants, this time it's about straight facts. Oook....maybe a little ranting included.

Youtube does politically motivated censorship and promotes a political agenda.

And no, I (damn, I lost my 3rd person style now, might come back to it later) am not talking about the kind of censorship you could maybe even label as justified, I am talking about straight politically motivated censorship as part of an agenda.

The scenario plays in Germany, where the "green party" ("Bündnis90/Grüne") is known as the moral institution which never gets tired (or too embarrassed) to tell every german what bad bad bad nazi he is if he doesn't go 100% conform with their multicultural/islamophile/global warming/genderism/etc delusions. And like every well indoctrinated lemmings they get plenty of votes (about 20% on the last election if I remember it right, don't nail me on that). Sadly the big brother-like consciousness party is having a little problems lately because they are having a hard time to brush their commitment to pedophilia under the carpet.


It's an open secret to anyone who wants to know (too many people sadly don't want to know though, looking away as a lifestyle), and it's not like "one bad apple in the whole party"...the party had "legalize sex with children" even in their founding program in the 80's, they had workgroups about that, and 2 of their highest valued members are known pedophiles (like the disgusting Daniel Cohn-Bendit who is the numero uno for the green party in the EU parliament, and who even spoke in an interview about how "young kids opened his pants" and "how innocent the sexuality of children is blah blah blah", he even wrote a book about it.

Now, what Youtube has to do with it? Well, a Russian TV station (not a small private one, the "first channel" which is the #1 channel of the state television) did a report about the green party and their perverted entanglements, a german user uploaded that report to Youtube...and...a couple of days later he found his video removed with the message "removed by request of german government institutions".  The fun part: The "green" party is NOT part of the government, they are in the opposition, and the actual government asking for removal would be like the US Republican party asking to remove a clip of Obama smoking meth. Makes no sense at all.

Conclusion: Youtube, like every "good" mass media, is actively promoting a political agenda, which is, of course, more on the left side of the political spectrum.

The video has been re-upped by a couple of other users, most likely all of them will be removed too sooner or later, but if someone is interested, here it is (russian with german subtitles only though):


And for archiving issues the same video on LivingScoop (with a notice about the YT ban at the start, also german/russian):

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