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Trayvon Martin and the church of hypocrisy PDF Print E-mail
Written by bad_brain   
Thursday, 25 July 2013 20:07

Poor Trayvon. He was only 7 years old when he got shot. All he wanted was to sell cookies for his boy scout group. But then....evil George Zimmerman came. Right from the KKK meeting, still wearing his grand wizard robe and waving a swastika flag. When he saw little 3 year old Trayvon (yes, he got younger in the meantime) Zimmerman pulled his sawed off double barrel shotgun with the "die nigger die!" engravings and shot Trayvon in the face. 28367 times. We all have reason to be very upset. Really.

Trayvon Martin 2 seconds before he died.

But enough of that, let's leave the realms of retarded media indoctrinated lemmings with no own opinion and have a closer look at the church of hypocrisy and their vocational indignant members.


It's often hard to believe how stupid people are, and especially how righteous they are about their own stupidity, I will name just 2 examples, more would be unbearable for sane minds and could cause permanent brain damage.

Thanks a lot to the user named "fail2launch" (brilliant he/she already has the "fail" in the nick, oh the irony) for this one:

"the head wounds Zimmerman had were not life-threatening, so he had no reason to shoot!"

Ok, of course fail2think is right. Any normal person, when attacked, asks for breaks during getting beaten on the head so he can check if the wounds are already life-threatening. If in doubt ("is that the brain already I can see through the hole, or is it still just the bone?") it is recommended to take a pic with the cellphone and mail it to the next hospital so they can do a quick check....until the doc replies victim and attacker can shoot some dices at the street corner or share witty anecdotes to pass the time.

I am not that normal though, and I label any blow to the head, with a weapon or not, as a potential life threatening activity and would express my disapproval with any measure necessary to stop the attack. And if the attacker dies during the procedure...well: Live by the sword, die by the sword. Simple. On a personal note: Of course I was banned from the IRC channel where this abstruse statement appeared within 5 minutes. Thank god.

Ok, 2nd one. This one is hardcore. It is a mix of gloomy "nothing better to do with my life than posting complete bollocks on FB" depression, paired with the lack of an own opinion or brain, and, of course, a full blown OOD infection (suck-o chef scientist bad_brain recommends suicide as only treatment). Are you ready? Ok, have a look:

Oh stfu Lisa, or I kick you in the cunt.

Soooo....let's see. Facebook obviously is the prayer room for the church of hypocrisy, and you can get some kind of "not going to hell" tickets when posting extremely retarded images which are supposed to show "solidarity" with someone? Wow, did Trayvon's family call already and sent flowers?

And "justice"? Erm. Wait. Trayvon already received justice: He thought he is OG muthafuckin' gangsta and got his street credibility withdrawn instantly. Imo that's justice.

Next thing: Why Trayvon? The statistics say every year (stats from 1999 to 2006, source here) 16,375 teenagers aged 12-19 die in the USA, 13% through homicide. So, that makes 2128 then. What makes 2127 totally uninteresting but when OG Shanizzlez Trayvon Martin (as #2128) failed in his future career as untalented gangster rapper it causes an outrage among the mentally feeble? I think it's quite simple, those people are SO easily manipulated by the media, and they also display a hate against white people (even when they are a bit hispanic but look too white in their opinion). I mean, would they have cared if Trayvon would have been a white guy? Not at all. They just sit their and wait for something that can be used as "proof" that their silly little conspiracy delusions are true....simply because they don't have anything better to do in their piss poor boring empty lives.

There. My justice. Take it or whine about it....on FB.

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#1 RE: Trayvon Martin and the church of hypocrisybad_brain 2013-07-25 21:06
Oh, what I just noticed: The "solidarity" dumbcow can't even write his name properly. :D

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